Starbound Community with Casual Roleplay Optional. Server details are on our server page. We play on Starbound quite casually but Daemon and Skavenger want to get some more people on and all are welcome. Together we can rule the stars..
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Welcome to Overwatch, The world could always use more heroes and we want you to be ours. We play Overwatch most nights, will will be doing streams and recordings. If you get some could play of the games we would love to see them.  ::  https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/
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Killing Floor
Killing Floor 2 Events are run most Wednesday evenings and throughout the week based on players. Wednesdays are first come first serve with 1 reserved slot for Moon who is the section admin. Lets slay some Zeds.  ::  www.killingfloor2.com
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Counter Strike
Generally we play alot of Counter Strike Source and big games are hosted at LAN times. Counter Strike Source server is available at connect.ravegames.net and some players jump on CS:GO from time to time. This section is currently looking for staff to get off the ground more seriously. Contact Skaven...
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Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm is a Free MOBA from Blizzard, its free simple and fun but requires good teamwork to win and be good at. Come join us in the Nexus. LFG channels are available on TS for those wanting to play.  ::  http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/
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Diablo III
Diablo 3 is a little Quiet at the moment with players running other games most nights. If you want to get on D3 then come LFG and I'm sure some people will be interested, if you want to help run D3s section please contact Skavenger ::  http://us.battle.net/d3/en/
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Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 is primarily played quite casually and tends to be triggered by someone saying lets play Battlefield. Give us a poke and get your game on ::   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/
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ARK, Survival with Dinosaurs is one of those games we keep going back to. Current server: Our Own - Find us under RaveGames
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Section is managed by Abyss Darkstar. Public Server, Lets Play, Streams and Recordings are all starting to get underway so please come join us if your a Minecraft fan.  ::   Minecraft Curse Voice Client
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Rainbow Six - Siege
Rainbow Six Players for squad recruitment. 
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Paragon, Epic Games' new MOBA on PS4 and PC, puts you in the action with direct third-person control and deep strategic choice. Choose from an ever-expanding roster of unique heroes, earn cards to customize your abilities and team up with your friends online to claim victory. https://www.epicgames....
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Star Citizen
Several of us have Star Citizen, come join us.
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Battlefield 1
Battlefield™ 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle, control every massive vehicle, and execute every maneuver that turns an entire fight around. The whole world is at war – see what’s beyond ...
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