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Skavenger May 11 '16

We understand why people block adverts, they are intrusive and ugly. We don’t like them either however we are a “not for profit” organisation who want to provide our services for free. Hosting the site and game servers does not come free and we need your support to stay online.

If we can get enough regular donors to cover the costs maybe we can get rid of the adverts, but in the meantime if you could find it in your heart to unblock our ads and support us we would be very grateful.

We promise to never host offensive or intrusive ads, if you see anything you feel breaches this promise please take a screenshot and upload it to our forums or post the URL the advert comes from. An admin will then block the advert if deemed inappropriate.

All donations and revenue goes back into the running costs of RaVe. Where excess funds are received, they are saved for a rainy day or spent on improvements for the community.

If you would like to help out in other ways than financially, please get in touch.

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