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So its been quite a busy few weeks trying to get RaVe off the ground and I think its fair to say we have had to cut a couple of corners to get to where we are now. Those corners were probably worth cutting, things like the editing on our latest youtube videos is a little bit take 1 but it gave us some quick content.

So thanks to everyone who has signed up, played games, posted on the site or tried to recruit. We have some new players and its all moving in the right direction which is what this blog is about...

So we have been busy on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Twitch has only just started and we have done a little self advertising. The interesting thing is really where the traffic is coming from.


For all our posting and trying, we have had a couple of click throughs and the only like came off the back of a Dog in a terminator gif. Not really the ground breaking results we were hoping for but its a start. Alot of the Facebook traffic is going to regular members and I think this is the issue.

Having said that, although the actual page usage is low, we have had a fair bit of throughput in comparison.

Facebook Stats

Google Analytics

As you can see, Facebook engagement is needing help but its still traffic and I'm sure it helps a bit. 

Facebook Plan:
Keep posting
Get more people to share the posts.

Maybe try the paid ads.


Twitter is dismal. We have done so much and gained even less than Facebook. 

The analytics look lovely, with good impressions but as you can see from the second image below. We have had 2 actual hits in the last 28 days.

Twitter Analytics

Actual Google impressions

Twitter plan:
Just keep tweeting, you never know.


Reddit has been pretty good. Biggest issue with Reddit is adding content seems to get deleted alot as spam and stuff when I'm just trying to share and get some visibility. I don't understand why its spam when its relevant to the sub-Reddit but its something Ill have to work on.

Aside from that, the actual hit rate is pretty good to be honest.

Reddit stats

This is probably the best result we have had including the most sign up and Team Speak Activity

Stumble Upon
I added up to stumble upon the other day and have got 2 hits registered at the moment but as its only been available for 24 hours we can't really analyse the data yet.


As I am a regular user of Spiceworks I thought I would post on Spiceworks aswel, unfortunately the post has had some interest but very few click throughs. Again this is very recent so we cant go into much depth yet.

Battle.net Forums

Focussing on Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3, I was hoping to see Battlenet users show an interest but its generated a single hit and I dont believe that person joined us. Which is rather dissapointing to be honest.


Steam groups are not generally searched for easily and I wasnt expecting much. The groups available and we will add new members but from an advertising perspective its a bit useless.

Well we have a page and we few posts were added but we have seen no traffic. Concidering the state of Google+ and its usage I can't say that is a surprise.


Streaming hasnt really gotten underway yet so we have no data.


Youtube has been pretty good aswel. Only put up a handful of videos and as I said they dont have much editing but people are watching them. Unfortunately we have not managed to get any referals from Youtube or revenue but at least it shows an interest.

Youtube Stats


So generally we are moving in the right direction.

Hosting and Costs

So hosting has actually gone up a little bit and I've spent some money getting the site up but we have had some positive results with Adsense and that has actually covered the increase in cost of having this site. Hostings gone up as this product doesnt run on windows and I had to get some Linux hosting. The ads have covered this and its good to know that if we can get some new members and more site activity that we could cover all our hosting costs but we are going to need about 12x more traffic at the moment.


More video, more pics, more social media.

Maybe try some paid ads.

What we really need is places to advertise online, things like Reddit.

We need to make sure we engage with new members.

I need the admins of RaVe to put some time into content, recruiting and site discussions.

I know your all busy but please take a few mins to just do a bit.

Everyone to keep up with the site and get involved.

Get all long term RV members to register and use the site.

Hope you all find this interesting or useful

- Skavenger

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