Heroes of the Storm - New Player Guide (Summary) from Skavenger's blog

There are tons of guides online and pages and pages of information about heroes of the storm. So much that you can get overwhelmed by it so here's my 10 point guide to starting out in heroes of the storm.

1. Watch the map

You need to know what is going on around you and when and where objectives are. Watch the map. Follow your team to objectives and know where the enemy is.

Objectives will win or lose you a game, but you need to time it right and arrive with your team. Showing up alone will get you killed.

2. Don’t Die

Easier said than done I know, but don’t die needlessly. You give valuable XP away to the enemy team. Retreat when you need to and don't chase enemies into suicidal positions trying to finish one off. It will get you killed.

Make sure to use your hearth when low on health and mana, your much more valuable alive than dead.

3. Know your position

Yes certain heroes have certain roles like staying in lane and pushing, or being a tank. but you shouldn't stay there. You still need to be at objectives and its essential to be at team fights. Staying in 1 lane will also get you noticed and killed as a result. Move about and stick with your team, especially mid to late game.

It is vital your team shows up in strength at main objectives and team fights. If they go badly and you're not there you will be the one the team rages at.

4. Split up

I know I said stick together but early game and at quiet times with multiple dead opponents splitting up is necessary to soak up the XP from ceeps (mobs) in lane. When the timing seems right or right at the start of a game, go soak some XP and get your team a valuable XP lead.

5. Bosses

Only take a boss when multiple enemies are dead, unless you know what you're doing. If you're reading this then you probably don’t. Follow the good players lead or wait until the timing is right, don’t try before level 10.

6. Target the Squishy ones

During a team fight a tank absorbs damage and deals little of it. Take out the back row right, target assassins and healers first and the enemy team will crumble.

7. Stuns

Stuns are extremely valuable. Several ultimate abilities can annihilate an entire team in a team fight. Stunning a hero will stop their ultimate dead in its tracks.

8. Merc Camps

The most misunderstood item in the game. Don’t grab a merc camp in an attempt to steamroll the enemy team. The best time to take a merc camp is when you create a dilemma for the enemy. Eg. Taking a camp just before an objective spawns makes the enemy chose to go for one or the other. Do they defend or attack and if they split up your team can outnumber them and win the objective.

It's all about timing, taking multiple camps can split up the enemy team but try and think what your goal is for taking a camp before doing so.

9. Cover

You are not invulnerable in cover. Many people hide in cover and then the enemy attacks it just in case and guess what, you're caught off guard and die.

Cover hides your position, lures your opponents into thinking you're elsewhere and allows for an ambush. Be careful when using it.

10. Know your heroes.

Starting out it's hard to get a sense of what each hero does and how they operate. You may have a favorite but don't just play one character. Do some research and force yourself to try out others. You can best counter an enemy hero when you know how they work and how best to use your own hero from experimentation. In hero league you don't want the only character you use to be the one that's banned or you leave your whole team with a big disadvantage before you start.

I’m going to do some tutorial videos in the coming weeks so keep an eye on our Youtube channel. I am not an expert, I’m slowly making my way up the Hero League ladder but I play more quickmatch with friends. I do my research and love the game so if you fancy a few rounds add me and join us on TeamSpeak.

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