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I just wanted to write a post with a bit more information about what to expect from RaVe and why you might want to join.

Essentially we play loads of different games and all our members are friendly and laid back.

If you want to do some casual gaming where you can pick up and drop off as you with then RaVe is definitely the home for you.

That being said there are several members who play games competitively and want to do their very best so there is room for everyone.

We commune on TeamSpeak nightly had its all good fun and banter. If your looking to play and make some friends then drop by and check it out.

Skavenger Sep 28 '16 · Tags: rave
So its been quite a busy few weeks trying to get RaVe off the ground and I think its fair to say we have had to cut a couple of corners to get to where we are now. Those corners were probably worth cutting, things like the editing on our latest youtube videos is a little bit take 1 but it gave us some quick content.

So thanks to everyone who has signed up, played games, posted on the site or tried to recruit. We have some new players and its all moving in the right direction which is what this blog is about...

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There are tons of guides online and pages and pages of information about heroes of the storm. So much that you can get overwhelmed by it so here's my 10 point guide to starting out in heroes of the storm.

1. Watch the map

You need to know what is going on around you and when and where objectives are. Watch the map. Follow your team to objectives and know where the enemy is.

Objectives will win or lose you a game, but you need to time it right and arrive with your team. Showing up alone will get you killed.

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I Get it, I really do the similarities are all there plain to see, cartoon stylised classes, control point and payload maps.. hell each character is being given their own CG short. But on the eve of Overwatch being released I’m writing this to state my belief that those similarities are only skin deep. Heroes not Classes It’s the Lore! I’m not a big TF2 player (11 Hours according to Steam) but I do appreciate the art style, writing and gameplay characteristics that make each class unique. But they are just that, classes. Sure we know the Heavy is Russian, Likes Sandwiches and has unhealthy relationship with his Minigun but we don’t know why he fights other than he’s a mercenary paid to fight other mercenaries in a war between two rival companies for a piece of land. He has no personal stake in any of this. The story of overwatch on the other hand is an epic tale of the near extinction of mankind at the hands of AI embodied robots, averted at the death by the formation of earth’s greatest heroes in the organisation known as overwatch. These heroes all have their own reasons for fighting. Torbjórn is faighting to keep the weapons he built out of the wrong hands, D.va is a pro-gamer turning her talents to war (Last Starfighter style) and Hanzo is an assassin trying to restore his honour. This lore and background helps solidify the connection between you and the characters and really draws you into the game. I Need a Hero Of course a few of the overwatch heroes roughly fulfill the same shooter gameplay archetypes as TF2. Mercy is a Medic, Torbjorn is an Engineer, Junkrat is a Demoman and Widowmaker is a Sniper. But that’s where the direct comparisons end I’m afraid and Overwatch still has another 17 Characters to go at this point. For every similarity there are 20 differences. To name a few how about Jetpacks, A Freeze Ray, Ninja Stars, Energy Shields, Time Travelling Teleportation, Ice Barriers, Rocket powered Mechs, A Scorpion style meathook, Wall Climbing and let’s not forget the built in Wallhacking! Each of these may be considered gimmicks on their own but they all combine dynamically together to make each character feel different, to make each match an unknown quantity and to make Overwatch a fresh and fun online team shooter. Ultimate Warriors Lets bring out The Ultimates! I haven’t even touched on these yet but basically with the very small exception of the Medic’s ubercharge TF2 has nothing like these. There are some amazing abilities here, Pharah fires off 50 mini rockets, Soldier 76 has an actual Aimbot!, Hanzo fires a freaking massive ghost dragon! and Mercy can bring her entire team back from the dead. Coordinated use of these ultimates can completely change the tide of a match. It’s an amazing feeling when you pull your ultimate out right at the clutch and win the objective for your team. Plus who doesn’t want to see their name on play of the game! But…. The Gametypes Well you’ve got me there, I cannot deny there are some huge similarities between the game types of both games. But King of the Hill and Escort Game Types have been around for a long time. In fact I would say we have pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of Game Types in First Person Shooters so If we have to play the same old modes you better give me new and fun ways to play it and of course Overwatch does. It may be the same old playground but the new swingset and slide they’ve installed are going to keep me entertained for a long time! Axis and Allies One of the most fundamental gameplay differences between the two games as far as I’m concerned is the additional exploitation of the Z-Axis. It would be wrong to say that TF2 is flat, but most battles in the game take place between two characters at the same elevation and aside from the Soldier’s rocket jump the only way to get to any raised area is the stairs. In Overwatch no less than 10 of the Heroes have abilities ranging from Teleportation to Grappling Hooks that allow them to exploit the terrain in cool and interesting ways. When deadlocks occur (and they will) Using these abilities makes flanking enemy positions far more viable and gives the game the ebb and flow we all love. So What is it Then? Good question… I don’t have an answer though sorry, but it’s not the new Team Fortress that's for sure although it certainly borrows some elements. If anything it’s closer to a MOBA if MOBAs somehow allowed you to play and attack in first person. Some people call it a Hero Shooter which is a fairly recently coined term which has also been thrown at Paragon, Battleborn and few other recent or upcoming games. Only time will tell if this name/genre sticks around in the constantly changing landscape of gaming. I do know what thing though, as jaded 30 something that has been playing PC games since Doom it takes a lot for a game to properly grab my attention but right now as I’m writing these last few sentences all I can think is “I can go play Overwatch now!” and I’m almost giddy with the idea...

Rift May 28 '16 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 3 · Tags: overwatch
Ok so I thought my first blog post on the site should maybe be about this site. I hope this will give some insight as to why we exist and what we are trying to do.

RaVe was originally founded about 10 years ago. Mainly due to the fact that gaming communities were quite new and Abyss, Skavenger and Whitefire couldn't find a group that we really wanted to be a part of. So we created "Rabidus Venatus" or Raging Gamers in latin. Originally starting out as a forum and just a group of friends who would host Counter Strike, UT and Jedi Knight on a 300mhz celeron in the bedroom of my parents house we became a small clan.

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Skavenger May 23 '16 · Tags: rave, history

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