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Welcome to RaVeGames...
We are a Fun and Friendly PC Gaming community for Everyone. Join us on Teamspeak or on our site and come play with like minded people.
Right now Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch are our hottest games, with Killing Floor 2 following close behind however we play quite a variety so come jump on TS with us and see whats going on today.
We run several games, events and competitions and try to create a non-toxic environment where everyone is welcome to come and have a go, you can also follow us on various social networks. If you have any issues then please message Skavenger or Abyss, alternatively you can get hold of us on social media or via the "contact us" page at the bottom of the main site.


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    Killing Floor
    Killing Floor
    Killing Floor 2 Events are run most Wednesday evenings and throughout the week based on players. Wednesdays are first come first serve with 1 reserved...
    Total users: 8
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